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A hearty meal for two with a dash of freshness perfectly complemented by the richness of tempura fried tofu and…


An appetizing selection of vegetarian sushi that is sure to sushify your cravings. This includes our best-seller Peanut Butter and…


The perfect balance of crispy fried goodness and delectable freshness. This lunch box comes with Avocado Maki along with Cucumber…


Who ever said vegearian sushi can't be delicious? Once you've had a taste of the unique flavour combinations- spinach and…


Served with a side of edamame, this veggie platter has been made with lots of love to cater to the…


Don't miss out on the vegan party! With the best selection including tempura tofu and the goodness of Green Apple,…


Try the vegan versions of our most favourite sushi. This is every vegan's dream come true with edamame of course!

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